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Firework Bangers

andy lee


Autumn really has well and truly hit us, the leaves have put on a beautiful display of rich colours and are nearly all gone from the trees. We're lucky that it's stayed so dry as the cattle are still out in the fields munching on the grass, but it won't be long until they will have to be back in the barns to keep warm and dry. The clocks going back marks the start of cosy evenings infront of the fire and our thoughts are now turning to Christmas. Yes we said the 'C word', but more on that in a couple of weeks I think.

Meanwhile to help keep you warm here is our delicious recipe for sausage casserole. Delicious served with mash potato or even just some warm crusty bread. You may think we're a little bias but we do think it's even better when you use our pork sausages and streaky bacon. Perfect for watching the fireworks with or just warming your bones. If you really don't fancy making it from scratch we have some rather good sachets you could use instead.

We're also running a competition on our Facebook page, so if you like and share our recipe video we'll enter you into a prize draw to win a Taster Sample Pack delivered to your door. 

 bish. bash, bosh, easy peasy sausage cassoulet

bish. bash, bosh, easy peasy sausage cassoulet