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Ho Ho Ho - It's not just the goose getting fat!!

andy lee


Christmas is coming and the goose maybe getting fat but so is our beautiful Saddleback sow. Emily is pregnant and expecting a litter in the new year. So whilst the farm is filled with bustle of people trying to get everything ready for Christmas, Emily is currently taking it easy with the other pigs in the barn but it won't be long till we move her to her own shed where she can nest ready for the piglets to arrive. We will keep you up to date with her progress and hopefully it won't be long till the barn is filled with the sound of tiny trotters.

Meanwhile back to Christmas and we thought it might be useful for you to have cooking times for our beautiful turkeys, ensuring you get the perfect meat for the big day!

Remember your turkey weight should be its weight when stuffed!!!
Pre-heat your oven to 190C and take your turkey out of the fridge whilst the oven is heating up.

  • 2-2.9kg         1hour 50 minutes to 2 hours 10minutes

  • 3-3.9kg        2hrs 10 mins - 2hrs 30 mins

  • 4-5.9kg        2hrs 50 mins - 3hrs 30mins

  • 6-7.4kg        3hrs 30 mins - 4 hrs

  • 7.5-10kg       4hrs-4hrs 50 mins

Don't just rely on cooking times to check your turkey is ready, these are just a guide. To check if its cooked insert a skewer into the thickest part of the leg and check the juices are running clear. Any sign of pink then pop it back in for a bit longer and keep going until the juices are clear.
Don't forget to baste your turkey throughout cooking and let it rest for about 30 minutes before you serve.

If you haven't ordered your turkey then there is still time to give us a shout. Our order forms can be downloaded and emailed to use so it can't be easier.



Firework Bangers

andy lee


Autumn really has well and truly hit us, the leaves have put on a beautiful display of rich colours and are nearly all gone from the trees. We're lucky that it's stayed so dry as the cattle are still out in the fields munching on the grass, but it won't be long until they will have to be back in the barns to keep warm and dry. The clocks going back marks the start of cosy evenings infront of the fire and our thoughts are now turning to Christmas. Yes we said the 'C word', but more on that in a couple of weeks I think.

Meanwhile to help keep you warm here is our delicious recipe for sausage casserole. Delicious served with mash potato or even just some warm crusty bread. You may think we're a little bias but we do think it's even better when you use our pork sausages and streaky bacon. Perfect for watching the fireworks with or just warming your bones. If you really don't fancy making it from scratch we have some rather good sachets you could use instead.

We're also running a competition on our Facebook page, so if you like and share our recipe video we'll enter you into a prize draw to win a Taster Sample Pack delivered to your door. 

 bish. bash, bosh, easy peasy sausage cassoulet

bish. bash, bosh, easy peasy sausage cassoulet

How to make Lamb Cawl

andy lee

We get lots of compliments about our Lamb Cawl so to celebrate the launch of our online shop we thought we would be nice and let you have the recipe! We even made you a little video to show how to do it. All the ingredients are available in the shop or why not treat yourself and let us make it for you to eat in the cafe. 

As an extra treat we will also give you 5% off your online meat orders this week if you enter CAWL in the discount box. 
We hope you enjoy the cawl and love our new online shop.